The National Society of Apprentices in Scotland is the representative body for apprentices in Scotland.

Our aim is to represent apprentices in Scotland, finding out about and working on the issues that matter to them, and taking these problems to people with the power to change things.

That means working with politicians, employers, colleges, training providers, government agencies and the people that help to design the apprenticeship system in Scotland. But most of all, that means working with apprentices themselves, as they are the people best placed to achieve change on apprenticeships in Scotland.

Where things need to be better, we’ll work to make them better.

Where things are good, we want to highlight them and make sure other people know about them too.

If you are an apprentice, or if you’re just interested in finding out more, please sign up or get in touch.


Volunteers needed for Leadership Team

National Society of Apprentices Scotland Leadership Team – volunteers needed The National Society of Apprentices Scotland is run by a Leadership Team. This Leadership Team sets the direction of the work for National Society. The leadership team is made up of apprentices and is made up solely of apprentices. The leadership team is always looking […]

Radical change in apprentice pay needed

Robert Foster, Vice President (Education) of NUS Scotland, has called for radical improvement in the pay of Scottish apprentices. The blog follows an article in Times Education Supplement Scotland (TESS) which points to figures showing more than one in 10 receiving Scottish apprentices are receiving “less than the appropriate minimum wage”. In his blog post, Foster […]

Engaging with apprentices in Scotland

The Leadership team of the National Society of Apprentices Scotland (NSoAS), featuring representatives from BT Openreach, Edinburgh College and Apprenticeships in Scotland, met in December to discuss the progress made so far and to make plans for 2015. As part of the days discussions, the team made plans to hold engagement events for apprentices at colleges […]

Who’s listening to apprentices?

Last week, the newly formed National Society of Apprentices (NSoAS) joined to celebrate Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2014. As part of a series of events held to mark the week, representatives of NSoAS met with apprentices at Edinburgh College to learn more about their experiences. The number of people getting involved in work-based learning is increasing, […]

Apprentices meet to discuss challenges in education

In the lead up to the launch of the National Society of Apprentices Scotland (NSoAS), NUS Scotland organised a workshop with apprentices from Edinburgh College. At the event, apprentices identified the challenges and barriers faced by apprentices in their education, and to begin planning solutions to these challenges. On Sunday 23 March 2014, National Society […]

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The Apprentice Conversation: More than just a blether

Do you want to shape your experience as an apprentice and gain leadership skills? Get involved in the National Society of Apprentices Scotland! On Sunday 23 March 2014, the brand new National Society of Apprentices Scotland (NSoAS) will be launched at NUS Scotland Conference in Dundee. Come along to talk about your experience and to […]